New beginnings

Really useful bikes….the name might be new to you.

We are here to focus attention on the society changing and life enhancing power of the utility bicycle.

We are a collaboration of two minds, Mark Forster of loads better and Rob Bushill of dutchtub and the longbike centre. Together we will bring you bikes that are really useful. We will make them available for you to test ride and supply simple practical solutions to your transport questions or needs.

It is truely amazing the new bikes that are planned for 09, it should be an interesting year.

We are always happy to talk about our bikes whether it be technical or practical, we always welcome new ideas and seeing anything new that is really useful (bike related preferably).

so thats who and what we are. lots more to follow.


5 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Good luck!

    This is the type of bike shop missing : utilitarian bike shop .
    Stuff it with some more classic Dutch type bikes and you will have set-up the bike shop I would like to start myself.
    Hopefully , the market ( and your customers) agree with me and reward you ;o) .


  2. Thanks for the positive things you’re saying about Really Useful Bikes. We should have some news soon on more Dutchness that’s going to arrive at the Dairy for people to try. Cheers.

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