doing things the wrong way around!

Sporty is not the way Mark and i do things, Mark subscribes to the thinking that a work bike should not need to exceed a velocity of 12 miles per hour.  We both concur that our lycra days are over and whilst i was at the forefront of mountain biking back ‘in the day’ (in Hainault, London at least) i don’t do much now….that’s why i like the bikes we sell, a little bit more comfort as you progress at (or about) 12 miles an hour.

So why Mark has come up with the idea to enter the Kona Bristol and cheddar bikefest ( on the wonderfully underrated Kona Africa bike i do not know.

It seemed like a very good idea at the time he pitched to me, but the sun was over the yard arm and a lot of things sound perfectly sensible at that time of day. In the cold snowy light of day it still seems like a fun way to raise the profile of the Kona Africa bike project  ( and for recycle ( Both are projects that we believe in and support. Kona we really like because of bikes like the Africa bike and the Ute, both really interesting and ‘useful’ bikes.

So that’s the plan, where most unfit cyclists when faced with the prospect of 3 hours of off road racing would choose a off road steed that has a zillion gears and is the weight of a naked duck, we have chosen a sit up and beg beauty with a basket on it….(the basket might come in handy for my half hundred weight of emergency Torq bars (other bars are available).

So that’s it, we have informed Kona of our intentions, we have posted a Blog about it….no going back…details to be finalised, sponsorship forms to be arranged, bellies to be shrunken.

Just because our bikes are sensible, it does not necessarily follow that the riders are….

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