I’m a little bit confused!

I watch the tele, i like it in moderation. I think it can possibly be up there with the things that that help you make nothing of your life along with alcohol and a good smoke, in fact combine all three and you have quite a good night in!!

Don’t get me wrong, a little tele is a good thing….i just think that if you are going to put nasty pictures on fag packets and labels on bottles to  remind you how many units over your daily allowance you already are and its only 18:30 you might as well put warnings on the tele.. just have a message every hour showing you what you could have made of your life if you had’nt just sat for hours watching it!

The Television tells you how life is great outside, then begs you to stay in to keep it company.

Vauxhall seems to helped out cycling on an advert i saw recently, or have they, its that confused message again. Cycling is undoubtedly good for you, a cardiovascular exercise, it clears the head, makes you smile and will make your life better. and thats what vauxhalls advert would surely take advantage of isn’t it?

imagine this story board …a drive to the park and then after a lovely ride about, show a sexy body glistening with sweat popping the bike back on the rack, sitting inside with a cool drink in a cup holder, the air con on, a nice drive home with kraftwork on the 18 speaker incar stereo…..i was wasted really…but thats a nice image for biking and cars i think you will all agree.

lets go to the an advert for a Corsa, its a nice little car…but this one is different because it is capable of rescuing a very attractive female person looking a bit puffed and narky from riding a bike up a hill. Yes, the car rescues the puffed out girl on a bike, how does it do this i hear you ask.. it has a bike rack that extends like a tongue from its rear end, it slides thunderbird style from the back bumper.. the expression of excitement on the young ladies face when the bumper tongue pops out is something to behold,  quite takes me back….anyway..she perks up a lot when she has the opportunity to say goodbye to a nice sunny ride up a hill and hitch a ride with a car full of letcherous stuffed puppets she has never met before.


so this is why i am a little confused, is the rack there to promote the car as a healthy option?  or is it to say, stuff that cycling lark, jump in and get with it.

Is it trying to promote Vauxhall on the back of cyclings healthy image?, or saying cycling is really a bit poo? Could it be that because cycling could be percived as fashionable at the moment Vauxhall make a built in bike rack and tell people they can drive their bike to the shops?.

pro cycling or anti cycling, ride, dont ride? a mixed message for sure..

My thoughts while writing this little blog have led me to this therory…the imagery that Vauxhall use to sell the Corsa is one of the car swallowing up the bike, the bike is rendered useless by the car and incorporates (thats an effective word) the rider into its body, into the car. I think that although Vauxhall use the positive image of cycling to sell its car, the overriding (sic) feeling is that the bike is useless and the car is all conquering.


what do you think…to quote the advert……C,mon……

(i’m less confused now, but i am not going to change the title….although i am a little bit tetchy thinking about it….might put my bike in the back of the truck and go for a drive!!)

2 thoughts on “I’m a little bit confused!

  1. Yes, I’m disturbed by that ad too. It reinforces the idea that bikes are for leisure and cars are for getting around. Frankly I feel it should be the other way round: cars may have a place in the so-called transport mix, but it’s hard to claim they’re appropriate for short trips around town.

    • I think its an old advert, been around a year but its still being shown and the more i see it, the more it reinforces what i originally thought. Its subliminal but it all sinks in to the minds of folk. I think bikes are one of those things that the average person avoids but once they get on a good bike they begin to enjoy.
      What we need are the mental and physical barriers to getting on a bike removed. Good suitable practical bikes for removes one, good safe cycleways are another. Then common sense will prevail. We hope that we can ‘sexify’ the bikes a bit and lean on the powers that be for the other. thanks for the comments.

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