We have an apology to make.

We have had a lot of folk come to visit us in our ramshackle dairy. Its great, we love to see folk, show the bikes, go for a ride perhaps and chat about the world in general. Unfortunately last month one of our younger visitors, a friends daughter called April got nudged by one of our new born dexter cows and fell against a bakfiets. She was fine, a bit shaken but she picked herself up, wiped away the tears and seemed fine. Subsequent to this shocking event we now keep all livestock, the cows in particular, penned up in the back of the dairy when we have visitors, they don’t mind too much and we now see the sense in it.
We just want to take this opportunity once again apologise publicly to the young lady and her family for the inconvenience caused and hope the dry cleaning voucher goes some way to make up for the mess the cow nudge caused. We really do understand that was not a nice car ride home and we are sorry that we laughed so much initially.
On the upside the new arrangements mean that the daily shovel rounds are done quicker and the bikes can stay on display now permanently instead of being fenced off in stalls over night.

Once again we apologise for Aprils fall and hope that this will not put anyone off visiting us at the dairy.
really useful bikes takes your safety as seriously as we take introducing you to a different way of cycling so please come and visit us soon.
Look forward to seeing you soon here at the dairy.

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