The best city bike bar none?

We are please to have the first of the workcycles FR8 city bikes in stock.

We have a demo bike here so that you can take it for a spin, we hope to be at the Bristol cycling campaigns Copenhagen saturday ride about with it if time allows. (
Whilst the FR8 is not cheap, (nothing from Euro land is at the moment)  it has top build quality, a really useful modular design so it can adapt with you, it can take large euro crates on the front, smaller carry boxes on a smaller front rack, 2 children behind and 1 up front. Take a look, we think it takes the dutch style city bike to another level.

Really comfortable, really good looking and we really like it.

Our demo bike is fitted with a aptly named massive rack on the front so it looks a lump but still handles like a dream. available in two frame styles with three rack options. a bike for life we think.

the workcycles FR8, along with the soon to be released paper bicycle, two progressive designs for modern practical transport that we at the dairy whole heartedly support.

give us a ring 01454 319960

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