really useful bikes at the Tobacco Market

Here at the dairy we do not get passing foot traffic, we basically ask folk to call ahead to make sure we are about. If folk want to call in on the off chance thats fine too but we sometimes have to go out and earn pennies to support the really useful bike project.
With this in mind we have taken up a lovely space at the Tobacco Market in southville. Its a really nice market with local producers of cheese, pies, jewelry et al and attached to a nice bar. Its a good place, friendly people and a very smiley organiser.
We plan to be there for the next few weeks so that we can take the concept of hub gears, balloon tyres and practical low maintainance comfortable cycling to the masses.
We don’t understand why more people do not know more about simple cycling. perhaps its cost but we think it maybe more about education. Whatever the reason we like the market, the pieminster pies are very nice and its a nice way to spend a sunday lunchtime.
come and treat yourself this sunday and take a trip to the Tobacco factory. read a paper, drink a coffee and sit on a cycle.

Really useful bikes at the Tobacco factory Market, Bristol.

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