American biking culture and English cycle forums

Well it would appear that summer is here, great to look around and think that instead of using the bike for a tool to get there and back, you can pack up your dog and go for a spin just for the sheer hell of it. I know perhaps a lot of you do that anyway but its nice to do it without having to think about packing plastic, so to speak.

check out this link,

Its an interesting view about what is happening in America, the land of the car…..well i can tell you that in America bikes are alive and well. Local authorities in a few countys are really behind schemes to make life on a bike easier. A strong and dedicated group of bike users exhert pressure and show unity to help make that happen.
We have positive stuff going on here too. I was at our local South Gloucestershire cycle forum last month and was pleased to hear really good positive feedback from the cycle England representative whose task is to assess the existing cycleways/lanes and to facilitate new ones with the support of local bike users. I felt that the meeting was very positive and i would encourage anyone to get along. I think more bike users would be welcomed, there was lots of coffee on hand and a real chance to make a difference. Bristol is the Englands cycling city and if just a few folk who turned up to save the bristol/bath cycleway from buses realised the long term impact they could have by regularly turning up 5-6 times a year in Bradley Stoke or College green, it would be tremendous.

Your cycling city needs you.

(don’t get me wrong, i’m as lazy as the next man, but knowing now that individuals can make a difference and knowing now that the cycling city concept needs real support from real normal bike users is a great motivator for me to make the effort. If instead of 10 people on the list of attendees there were 100, wouldn’t that make people think that bike users actually cared and surported their council in their efforts to fight for improved facilities on our behalf!)

One thought on “American biking culture and English cycle forums

  1. Load hauling by bike seems to be getting more popular. Saw several bike trailers on the Colliers Way on our Somer Valley Wheels ride yesterday. Two of the more memorable ones I have recorded on my Biking Brits blog.

    Good luck with the South Glos bike promoting. Down here in Darkest Somerset we’re working with B&NES to extend and improve the network in their area. Ongoing projects include the extension of the Norton-Radstock Greenway in two directions – one towards Norton Hill and another towards Farrington Gurney.

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