Modern dutch city bikes from Koga Miyata

Well summer is over (or is it?), and what you need is a bike for all weathers.

We have our Koga Miyata demo here and it’s really quite lovely.

Its modern, superbly finished and with an attention to detail that is lovely to see.

Classy looks and a hi spec, we have the Silverace, a step through 8 speed hub geared, hub braked with front suspension. Its silky smooth and its combination of features add up to the loveliest modern dutch city bike about.

Prices are at the £1000 + range but arguably represent good value.

So if you fancy any of the bikes from the Koga miyata range, we cannot show you them all, but we can offer you a ride on our Silverace step through to give you a flavour of what to expect.

Koga Miyata now available from really useful bikes. 01454 319960 just outside Bristol/Bath.

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