Amsterdam visit and cargobike shortages

There is good and bad news for cargobikes in the UK, the bad is cargobikes or bakfiets are in short supply, the good news is that people are beginning to see the sence in such a machine. The dutch factories go on holiday for three weeks now so that does not help. We are doing all we can to get new stock in, try our demo and see what you think, we can then find you the bike with the right spec for you.

We have been working on our bakfiets cargobikes for a while now and getting more experience, we have made several improvements to the bike we sell and we (and our customers) think make it more practical to use over here in the UK.

Our Workcycle supplied city and cargobikes have been on order for a long time but will finally be here in the dairy by the weekend. Workcycles are great bikes and have long waiting lists, our first delivery has taken an age to get together but we aim to pick them up personally in the next day or two, all presold. next order will go into workcycles very soon. I will post some pics of our vist to Amsterdam and the workcycles premises.

I will also be seeing Jochem and hopefully Sjoerd of dutchtub when i am in Amsterdam. There can be nothing better than a hot steaming dutchtub ( at the end of a nice bike ride. The dutch are very good with design, perhaps that comes with having good thoughts from riding bikes daily.

I will keep you posted.


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