workcycles FR8 on You Tube

For those of you that want to see an FR8 in action, check this out.
points to note, the rear child seats are removable, as is the front child seat and the front rack….versatility and quality are the key points for the FR8. Lovely bike designed and manufactured by workcycles.
the last delivery is sold out, but we will happily take pre orders for our next shipment.

Just as we do with our bafiets cargobikes, our FR8s are individually built and fettled by us to your needs and wishes.

As a follow up to my trip to Amsterdam, no pics i am afraid, it was good to see Jochem from dutchtub and help unload a delivery to the workshops there. check out

The workcycle shop was great, a really nice vibe and full of great bikes and stylish helpful people. Their packing skills are almost as good as there ability to design and fettle bicycles. (sorry to make you all late home).  When you go to Amsterdam next, do pop in and see them. great bikes there, and its situated in a nice part of town a little bit out of the way.

It was a whistle stop tour but a productive one. Workcycle bikes are great and as one lovely customer confirmed to me when picking up her omafeits recently, their bikes feel and look better than the bikes they are based on (azor in this case).

great bikes brought to you by ‘really useful bikes’.


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