“ladies” bikes

What is it with the world of British ‘cycling’ that means that terminology and attitudes are stuck in the days of old, where step through frames were designed so that skirts would hide a ladies ankle and for an era when Knickerbockers were deemed a risqué garment.

In an age where ladies do wear the trousers it strikes me that men should be allowed to ride a step through frame without people pointing the finger and saying he is riding a girls bike.

I ride step through frame a lot, they are easier to mount and dismount, particularly if you have children on the back rack. I am a heavy old fella and I have not had a step through frame sag under my enormous bulk. So it’s not a structural thing.

So why do people refer to a step through frame as a ladies bike….well it doesn’t help when a leading bike usage advocate perpetuate the myth, I did mail them a while back and explain that these days modern bikes are often designed as unisex and that tends to incorporate no top tube, ie step through frame. Cargo bikes in particular adopt the low or no top tube design.

It makes sense to make using a bike as easy as possible; this includes sit up and beg riding position, baskets and racks as standard. Step through frames make sense from a practical point of view for everyone. So lets simplify things, remove the outdated his/hers twaddle and make the bike a simpler thing to explain and use.

Step through bikes are not just for girls, they are for everyone.

We have a selection of very unisex step through frames to try here at the dairy. for example the Universal frame FR8, great for families where both parents share the responsibility of taking the kids to school or playgroup, one size fits all.

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