Orders taken for workcycles.

We are getting the hang of things, the biggest lesson to learn when trying to bring the best bikes to the great British nation is when bringing stuff in from Holland, things have taken an age…you need to think ahead….but if that’s the bad news, the good news is that the bikes, when they are here, are absolutely worth it. We don’t sell pap, we are honest about the bikes we sell, so if there is an ‘idiosyncrasy’ with a model we will make the effort to sort it. If a bike is just plain ‘not really useful’ we won’t sell it.

Our favorite bike for practicality and all around ‘really usefulness’ is the FR8, It is wonderfully stable, proper comfortable, and with its thunderbird style modular concept it will suit your purposes even when your situation changes.

Like a new born child we kept the FR8 close to our bosom, but like all best kept secrets you lot found out about it and have found homes for our last shipment. our last FR8, our beloved demo has a new home with a family in London.

The FR8 and the bakfiets cargobike are both excellent family bikes, both with a different approach but both deliciously practical and very importantly fun…

With this in mind, just as we are putting our regular order into workcycles, we are politely asking that if anyone is thinking about purchasing a workcycle bike in the next 3 months that they pull their finger out and get in touch. orders can take 12 weeks + to come through. sometimes its quicker but its always best to be realistic. If you want to purchase a workcycles bicycle, its best to pre order, we do keep stock but it sells out fast.

So orders taken now, new stock and demo bikes available in about 8 weeks we hope.

We still have Yuba Mundo’s, Kona Ute and Africa bike, Xtracycle, Electra and Koga Miyata demo bikes available for you to try here at the dairy, Bristol. 01454 319960

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