fixies? nah, …3 speeders….thats where its at!

On Sunday Marky did a ride from Surrey to Sussex for the Anthony Nolan trust. His bike of choice, a 3 speed Kona africa bike, the tough dependable city bike from the well known Kona brand. It’s perhaps a strange choice for a 75 mile cycle trip but we are growing to love the simplicity of the 3 speed hub, the Africa bike is a good comfy little bike equipped with a shimano 3 speed coaster brake. It performed the task very nicely…Mark did an off road event on it recently too….says a lot about the bike, the hub and a bit more about Mark!!…
We both took a spin on the Bristol Bath cycle track on Saturday, rode an Africa bike and a workcycles secret service 3 speed from the dairy into Bristol and both had a lovely time on our 3 speeders.

Whilst the Africa bike is a dependable (and fun) workhorse, the workcycles secret service is a little more debonair, Mark was feeling quite privileged wafting along on the cream of the Dutch bike crop…we still cannot work out what Henry, Richard and the workcycles team do to these bikes to make them feel special…we have poked, prodded, looked at them from underneath…now we have decided that perhaps its best not to know how the elephant disappears but just clap in wonder when it does……..
Now where was i?? Oh yer….3 speeders… we like them a lot….we think it might be the next big thing.

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