an emotional cinematic ride

I have two films to  recommend to you, both old and both very different, both watched on the big screen in the dairy, both entertaining and visually interesting.
First a film that some bicycle lovers might have already seen, ‘the bicycle thieves’ by Vittorio de sica, 1949, full of emotion and really lovely bicycles, no lycra to be seen and what style, what a great film.
the second that is a particular favorite is a Jacque Tati film called Jour de fete, it features a postman on a bike, its got loads of character and if you watch it with patience and open eyes it is a joy to behold.
Films from the 40’s and 50’s often had bicycles included, just because they were part of everyday life….then came the blockbusters reflecting everyday life, the car chase, the daring stunts…in ‘the bicycle thieves’ there is a bike chase every bit as thrilling (ok, its not quite ‘the french connection’) but you can watch this one without the need for dolby 5.1.

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