Bakfiets in stock for test rides.

We have taken delivery of our latest bakfiets, both long and short version. both are available for test rides. We also have in stock rain covers from Clarijs arguably the best covers available. We hold stock of the biggest range of colours, with not just the standard UK red and black, but also cream, silver gray, pink, orange and blue. Individualise your bakfiets.
bakfiets are not just good for kids but for business and for general getting about. I take the dogs to the walk destination in mine…
We also tweek them here so that they suit the undulations of the Uk, it makes a hell of a difference.
test ride them at the dairy.
07801 150727

2 thoughts on “Bakfiets in stock for test rides.

  1. Sounds good news. It’s great to see more useful cycling in the UK. How do you ‘tweak’ them for the UK? Any tips appreciated in this hilly corner of Germany

    • Its nothing overly complicated, but rest assured they are much easier to live with than the standard Bike.
      We can built a bike to what ever spec you like, we have them delivered in as high a spec that we can get, then work on them here in the dairy, the standard to live up to is probably Henry (and Richards) bakfiets at workcycles, i think bar colours of the frame we can do that here at really useful…
      (we can supply workcycle bikes too, lovely colours and very good attention to detail).
      drop me a mail….or call……

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