Stereotyping, BBC radio 4 show, accurate or outdated?

I listen to radio 4, i like it, i cook the evening meal with a bit of comedy at 18:30… sometime its funny, sometimes not good at all. Sometimes its just cringy. Listening to ‘Rudey’s rare records’ on radio 4 is not a enjoyable experience  at the best of times, i’ll give it credit for one or two funny lines just for balance. This week was about Lenny henry (his character) getting fit, his way of doing this was to buy a bike and with it lots of lycra…(you see where this is going!!).

There follows lots of jokes about his lycra covered package, his dodgy riding style, not being able to find his brakes etc…

I found it all a bit much, very stereo typical and not really very funny…but then i think and this probably is how non bike users see bike users (cyclists). When you mention cyclist what does that conjour up in folks minds, probably the lycra, geeky technical stuff and then sweat probably….basically an object of ridicule…

I could bang on about it…..have a listen to the show on the BBC listen again (you can fast forward through bits), see what you think. (3 days left to listen)

Its fashionable to get a bit chopsy when you feel misrepresented, start a campaign and call it a word ending in ‘ism’. Lets just say that this program is a great advert for why bike users need to use things like cycle chic, amsterdamize type media and of course your own good self when picking up the kids or going to the shops on your own practical transport looking like a normal (although enlightened) person.

All these  things can help to redress the balance.

P.S. a conundrum, I ride a bike but am i a cyclist?

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