Workcycles FR8 universal

We have Workcycles FR8 (universal) in stock…

with this beauty you have a good selection of purpose built racks too…
take up to three kids on this bicycle with ease..the Rolls Royce of the dutch bike world, solid dependable and comfortable.
One size fits all so great if you need to share a bike to take the kids or get the shopping…test rides encouraged.

an Fr8 in Amsterdam..

This is not the best pic of an FR8, but its honest and shows it in a simple guise in its home city of Amsterdam…you cannot beat a nice box up front..

2 thoughts on “Workcycles FR8 universal

  1. Thanks Ben, we found it in July and posted a link on our blog to you then, its a great video and demonstrates the excellent functionality of the bike. Do you have any more feedback from an owners perspective?

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