English FR8’s

We have a lovely E mail from a recent FR8 owner. Roy Belchamber picked his FR8 up a week or two ago, put it on his car roof bike rack and off he went.
We were delighted when he sent these pictures, With a few carefully chosen accessories his FR8 looks a treat, very english somehow.

His daughter enjoys riding on the back and it now replaces the car for shopping trips.
The workcycles FR8, a most modern bicycle for the modern age.
Thank you Roy for the great Pictures.

3 thoughts on “English FR8’s

  1. I *definitely* want one of these! Neither the Pedersen nor the Brompton, excellent though they are, can carry enough stuff (panniers are, ahem, ‘difficult’ on the Pedersen in particular unless you have legs like John Cleese).

    • We just lifted it and plonked into on his roof bike rack…Thule i think….There’re not that heavy…..although it does help to be chunky rather than a racers whippet type build.
      done it several times now….helps with two people i grant you…

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