Giant women love to ride, and not just for sport!

The Taiwanese bicycle manufacturing group ‘Giant’ have a big say in what happens in the future of bicycles.
Bonnie Tu. the chief financial officer of the company gives her vision of the future.

It’s great to see an article written with the financial aspects of bicycles in mind,  you cannot deny the passion Bonnie Tu has for bicycles as a business, but reassuringly also as a mover for social change.

She also seems to have hit a global theme, when Bonnie says “in China the bicycle has to regain its status. It is so important. We have to break the view that status only comes from cars” you know that you can apply this statement to the UK too.

She also says that “women have been an afterthought in the male dominated worlds of both bicycle design and use”.  Anyone that looks at the photographs and articles from our friend Amsterdamize will know that a woman on a bicycle is something not to be ignored.

Bicycles are just good!

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