The Kona Ute… Kona as in Kona, Ute as in utility..

Imagine a bike that is lightweight, fast, ‘conventional’ in its derailer gears and disc brakes, imagine that bike but with a longer rack on the back with a whopper of a bag or two.

Is your working day is dulled by your limited pack lunch options? fed up with creased clothes at work? Just imagine a bike that you ride to work that would enable you to transport (if you wanted) a whole french stick, you wouldn’t even have to cut it in half, just tuck it safely into your ute’s long orange bag where it will be kept safe and sound, unsnapped, for when that lunchtime horn sounds.  Imagine how uncreased your suit would be rolled and placed into the into spacious and lengthy bags.

Change the way you think about carrying stuff…instead of the vertical tube shape of a traditional pannier and the way you have to stack stuff onto other stuff, hopefully with your cans on the bottom and your cherry toms on top, a long horisontal bag does away with a lot of that worry. (you probably haven’t lost a huge amount of sleep over that issue but you get my point)
The Kona Ute is probably the most sensible longtail bike there is, it does not profess to be able to carry a lot of weight but does give you a lot of space to carry a lot of stuff….exactly what you need day to day…

It is a great mystery to me that the kona Ute is not a huge best seller, The latest version is cute with a wooden deck, nice paint and the luggage is well thought through (they fit the yuba mundo too).

We have found a boxed 08 Ute whilst having a pre spring clean…we can supply it with 2010 bags, we reckon we can save you a couple of hundred big ones on the 2010 bike price. A demo bike is available too. Its a cracker…Its a nimble bike too, check this out.. like the lady says…niiiiice!


14 thoughts on “The Kona Ute… Kona as in Kona, Ute as in utility..

  1. Just tried one today and I thought it was cool. My interest is for loaded self supported touring.
    I liked the upright seating position and thought it rode well. I could even track stand easily, although that’s something I practice.
    A couple of things I didn’t like:
    * The front fender tended to hit my shoes.
    * I want a 26er just because I have a lot of 26er stuff. And I like 26ers.
    * I want dual discs. Because I like dual discs. However in most situations most of the braking is done with the front wheel.
    * The components aren’t the best. But what do you expect for a low volume bike for less than a thousand bucks? At least they’re Shimano Deore.

  2. a nice balanced view of the Ute, there needs to be more of these reviews from folk that actually ride the bikes they talk about.
    Componentry is a tricky thing to spec i think…this bike straddles the citizen cyclist (bike user) and the cyclist, one is happy as long as it works and feels good, the other normally wants to tinker and use their superior tech knowledge and experience to mould his ride.
    Great to see your opinions, more ride reviews wanted…..
    for me…i think 26 inch wheels would be the way to go….but for a commuter hauler, it takes some beating. There are other cargo bikes with 26 inch wheels out here now…for the tinkerer, the new Yuba looks (on paper) to be good for playing with.
    Yuba Framesets soon to be available from really useful.

  3. I own a Kona Ute. Have been using it for a month and absolutely love it. It is doing the job! Carrying heavy loads, with the perfect gears to do so, as I commute about 25 km (16 miles), downhill, uphill, head wind, side wind, etc.
    It handles smoothly, and everyone is pleasantely surprised by the fact that the bike is NOT heavy for such a big contraption.

    Things I don’t like about it. Too long to get in an elevator,, so at some of my jobs where I would bring up a few stairs,I have to lock it outdoor. My other bikes, I was always able to fit them in a small elevator. Not this one.
    The seat. Not comfortable enough. But that is always something very personnal. It might be ok for other people.
    The pedals. It is good to have a good grip, but those pedals are like pitbulls, they will tear your pants, your leg, and, if combined with shoes with deep threads, you are unable to reposition your feet as you pedal, if they happen to be in the wrong position as you are pedaling and in a spot where you can just stop and dismount.
    So, seat and pedals are minor items compared to the rest of the bike and its overall features.
    I also had problems with a glaze on the rear brake pads, that called for a lot of wear before it actually stopped screaming and screeching VERY loudly. It took two weeks of steady commuting to get that glaze off. (sanding alone didn’t do it.)
    I strongly recommend this bike to anyone carrying lots of stuff around, and if you can locate a 2009 edition, it is about +/- 300$ cheaper then the current 2010 that is out there, and there are still some around. (Plus it is a much nicer color!)

    • Great review…thanks, as you say it is suprisingly lightweight, well its all the things you say…
      If anyone fancies an 08 Ute with 2010 big bag we have an ex demo here at the dairy…making a sound like a budgie..

  4. Just got our ute for brooklyn living!! need to do some modifications for riding with kiddos – anybody have some brilliant ones they want to share? Have some ideas, but I figure I’d ask about as I’ve seen that lots of people have done it…
    need foot pegs most, btw. My girls can’t wait to ride it with me!!

    • Hi Eric,
      We do still have our 08 demo bike, very low miles with an 10 big bag…but we are in Bristol UK…

      Looking forward to visiting Seattle some time….along with Portland again… i like what i see..

      good to be in touch


      • Hi Jonathon,
        The 08 demo bike with large 09 bag has found a new home, somewhere near winchester i believe…
        2010 demo bike here, along with xtracycle and soon yuba V3…

    • Hi Greg, Kona sell the Ute as a complete package,
      The only longtail bikes that come frameset only, the surly big dummy, the Yuba Mundo, and of course the xtracycle to convert a MTB style bike.
      Although if you look around, there are some very good deals, that get you the whole bike for less than a big dummy frame and only a little bit more than a xtracycle…..different bike of course, but there are options there.

  5. We are once again a Kona dealer. with the Ute and the MinUte Kona have two good fast bikes that are just that little bit more useful.

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