The danger posed by the British shed.

Sheds are the natural enemy of the common British bicycle.
So what is the common british bicycle I hear you cry, and why do sheds pose them such a danger.,..
Sheds are an institution, British bikes have been too…..but what have British folk been sold for the last 30 years, bicycles that the average British shed will swallow up, eat away at and spew back out 6 months later a shadow of its former self.
The chain will be rusty, brakes a bit squeaky and a bent gear changer where it has been resting on the mower.

It is our aim here at Really Useful Bikes to supply bikes that are fit for purpose, if you are an enthusiastic ‘cyclist’ then its a simpler task, the more difficult thing  is to supply a bicycle to a non cyclist that firstly can fulfil the function you have in mind for it, (ride to shops, take kids to school, bags of compost to the allotment etc), it must also be enjoyable to ride, it needs to look after itself and then be shed proof.

Gears should be adequate and always work, brakes functional and reliable and lights that are always ready when you need them.
We advocate the use of hub gears, hub brakes too if you can and dynamo lights. We like the practical things like mudguards, chain guards and big fat bicycle seats.
We want to equip the UK with bicycles that could survive a British winter in the traditional british shed, bicycles that emerge from the gloom and clutter of the shed working as well as they went in.

More importantly that that, we want to provide you with bicycles that you never want to put away in the first place, comfortable ‘sit up and beg’ safe and enjoyable bicycles that make it possible to want to use your bicycle all year around, limiting prolonged exposure to the shed and exposing you to the delights of all year around bicycling.

The three keys to increased cycle useage

1) the right bike.

2) available and safe storage at your destination

3) safe routes to and from your destination.

We can encourage 2 and 3, we are trying hard to provide you with number 1.

We will have to leave any shed related improvements up to you.

Here comes the spring, happier bicycling.


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