Gazelle bicycles.

We have a selection of Gazelle bicycles in stock now, each has a distinct feel of its own, all are comfortable and very well equiped.
For example , the Impala is a dutch classic and a briefest of rides will demonstrate why.
Equiped with seven speeds (tunable for your local terrain if needed) it has enough gears to tackle most hills you might encounter, roller brakes (brakes inside the wheel hub) work well in any weather and need virtually no maintenance. The very comfortable saddle and handlebars position you in a nice upright position so that you don’t have weight on your wrists enabling you to look about you when riding. It has lights built in front and rear, and a power producing dynamo in the front wheel, so you can power lights/charge i pod or phone whilst riding). It has nice shiny stainless steel rims for that smart casual look. mudguards with splash covers over the rear wheel and a mud flap on the front mudguard to ensure that your new daps don’t get soggy.
All this is topped off with a good rear rack that you can fit a child seat very securely or/and fit panniers, perhaps one of the bags from our range of non bikey looking laptop/hand/manbag style pannier bags. (it’s also got a saddle like a sofa!)

If you want a comfortable bike that will not let you down, will not need a trip to the cycle shop to have it looked at every six months and will last you for many many years. A Gazelle bike could be one of the best options for you.

After all this talk about practicality and sensible riding, please don’t think for one minute that this is a dull ride…ooohhh no!, this is a fun bike that does not dictate to you how you ride, its built for the street and the everyday but only you will know how much enjoyment this bike will give you, its a smile enducer……

test ride one here at the dairy at really useful bikes.
01454 319960 Rob.

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