I think my dog has gone into labour!

That’s it, i think it’s started, this entry is not bike related at all….I’m just expressing my concerns, it’s a worry when your best dog starts to rumble internally and look at you in the way that no human ever could. She is doing it now from across the room, she has her head wedged between two cushions and just staring at me…The responsibility of it all feels enormous…the father is sat in the window catching the suns rays as they percolate through the (slightly grubby) window, he will lie there until he deems it time to headbutt something or i move. He knows something is afoot, but is oblivious to his role in it all, how very modern!.
So thats me, one huffy bow legged labouring bitch, a bemused lump of a dad dog and me busy googling “birth dog help”.
Needless to say that if there were complications in the birth and by some fluke my car had broken down and there was nobody available to drive me there….i could still get mother to be, lumpy dog and myself to the vets in one of several very useful bikes that we have on sale here at the dairy. (But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!!)

3 thoughts on “I think my dog has gone into labour!

    • Well she is still hanging in there….eye dilated (or so i think) panting a bit…clingy……its not far off i think…the date for 63 days since ‘union’ was sunday….so any time now…i am almost house bound..and strangely nervous.
      I will of course keep you posted. Thanks for your concern….

  1. Two lovely pups, both stillborn,
    mother was lovely throughout,
    thankfully now back to her old self,
    she can once again jump up onto the sofa, which i think she is very pleased about..

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