Tuned and tested like Swedish drawers.

Now when i say tuned, i expect you are already thinking speed, minimalism, lightweight everything, and yes that’s true……but tuning is also all about suiting the ‘object’ to its intended use and environment.

There is as much thought, design and tuning going into current commuter bikes as there is downhill, mountain and race bikes.

Consider if you will the current (and great) trend toward fixies with all the style and design that goes into them, making them as minimal as possible and encourage that feeling of connectivity with the enthusiastic rider. Consider a town bike with its racks and protection from the elements and daily grime. A good town bike will be equipped for all weathers and all eventualities and it must still feel great to ride. This requires tuning and testing to a huge degree to make sure that all the bits that were on it stay on it, and work perfectly for a long time.
The fact that some fixies and Gazelle bikes share price points makes a fully equipped town bikes seem even better value. Designed to be timeless and forever practical, Gazelle bikes are made to last with a lot of tuning of the bike for longevity and ease of ownership.
Here is a video not of Ikea drawers being pushed and pulled but of Gazelle bikes being put through the paces.

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