Bristol bicycle bike and parts bazar.

As part of the dairies cooperative efforts, we are pleased to announce that we are to host a bazaar. Here you will be able to sell your good quality bicycles and bicycle parts in return for a 20% commission. We are looking for any bike related bits, trailers, child seats and components, and complete bikes too, whether they be cargo bikes, situp and beg, fixies or historic, bring them along to bike sauce based here in the dairy and will agree a price and sell it for you.
We will be open on Saturdays initially and hope to be a hub for preowned quality kids seats, cargo, sit up n beg bikes, fixie and heritage kit.
Watch this space for more news.
If you have stuff lying about in good condition that someone else could utilise, contact us.
We like the idea that someones elses old stuff can sauce up your life.
Rob 01454 319960

We already have a small selection of fixie, polo bikes and parts available.

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