We want to say bye bye to a Bakfiets, so its a spring special Bakfiets buy for you.

If you hanker for a Bakfiets cargo bike for moving stuff, shopping or just fancy a fit and fun way to move two or three kids about then we have a special offer or two for you.

We have a top spec 8 speed, IM70 rollerbraked, dynamo front light bakfiets in luscious black that we want to make nicer for you to own…we have decided to put a package together that includes a rain and box cover in a choice of red/blue/grey/orange or cream, add the piece of mind of datataging it, include an chain for the horseshoe lock and fit a brooks saddle of your choice…all this for a not inexpensive £1850…a saving of about £200.

If of course you just wanted a bakfiets with our standard top spec kit that’s fine…it will cost £1699 but be warned we will fit a datatag tracking chip to it for you whether you like it or not…..spring madness….maybe…perhaps its just because we love these bikes and we like to look after our customers.

With either deal, the bakfiets is a cracker….can replace the second car for sure..

Remember too that our really useful bikes have the gearing changed to suit the UK, we do this free of charge…

drop us a line…its time to buy a Bakfiets….

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