Brew a cuppa, Pull up a chair, its time to read up on the cycle to work scheme guidance from the department of transport.

I get asked a lot of questions about the governments cycle to work scheme, the largest purveyor of which is ‘cyclescheme’. A lot of the number bits fly over my head i’ll will be honest, but its important to realise the basis of the scheme and of all the ground rules, particularly if you run a small business and want to maximise your returns, it is possible to utilise the scheme without using a third party (at a cost of 10% generally).

The scheme however you access it, is a great way to afford a better bike than you could otherwise. The bikes that we sell here at really useful bikes tend to be a little more expensive because they have all the ‘extras’ already built in….making for a better experience when riding and saving you money on lost lights, bent plastic mudguards and adjustments and repairs later on. They are better quality too generally, our Gazelle bikes have a 10 year frame warranty. Nice!.

So get yerself a cuppa tea, put your feet up, and read up about one of the better ideas our government had.

All of our bikes are available though any scheme your business uses, we are just happy to spread the gospel of really useful bikes.


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