Trek and Gary Fisher design a longtail and again people miss the point.

A new longtail from Trek, designed by Gary Fisher….it along the lines of a Kone Ute, it looks a beauty…

most blogs i have read about the Trek are voicing the same opinions as they voiced about the Ute, but i stress this, cargo bikes (I’m not keen on the phrase) are designed to carry either weight or bulk, not necessarily both. Remember that most of us carry more bog roll from the shops than washing machines (or people). It’s not about what bike can carry the most weight, but about practical useful everyday bicycles which probably means carrying your weekly shop.

In the same way that estate and hatchback cars burst onto the scene in the 70’s, longtails are here to stay, and it makes you wonder why it didn’t happen years ago.

nice work Trek….(now lets see if  ‘really useful bikes’ can stock it!!)


2 thoughts on “Trek and Gary Fisher design a longtail and again people miss the point.

  1. Rob, if you do stock the Transport, is there any chance you might also get the Trek Pure? Looks like a nice bike & an alternative to the Townie…

    • Hi Andrew, it does indeed look a great bike, very similar to the townie…
      There are a few trek dealers near me, so whether trek deem it wise to appoint a new one…but i suspect that the transport and the pure will not be top on most dealers order list.
      watch this space….i have the form to fill in…perhaps i will fill it…and see…..nice bikes….

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