Hub gears and unexpected tyre deflation, a thorny topic.

I hear a lot of huffing and puffing from the new traditionalists (the MTB generation) about hub geared bikes and how much of a faff it is to fix a puncture…even my own customers have been in a fluster when they ask about the first time they might get that sinking feeling.

Hub geared bikes, Dutch bikes in particular, are easy to fix when you have a puncture. The Dutch are an educated bunch and therefore take the path involving least effort. Whilst UK repair videos show derailleur geared bikes with wheels removed and a tool kit spread across the pavement. The dutch simply pull out the tube, find the hole, patch it and reinflate…as a famous TV mammal says…simples…. a dutch inner tube ends up a little bit like triggers broom from the TV classic ‘only fools and horses’……

Here is my own classic short presentation demonstrating how even a man of generous physique can easily fix a thorn punctured tyre.

The video is of course edited to remove the need for an interval and icecream, but the repair didn’t take long at all, 10 minutes if that…

The tyres on most of our bikes are easy to pink off the rim with tyre levers (or spoons!!?) and can be put back on the rim by hand…Without the added real life stresses of a journey halted by a unexpected tyre deflation, the repair was quite enjoyable, a centre stand and no chain grease made it a fairly clean gig too..

real traditionalists, cyclists of old and the enlightened many, are used to the hub gear, ….perhaps fixing a puncture with the wheel on the bike is an  art rediscovered or revived…like hedge laying or rolling Cheese….

Hub gears keep things simple, punctures included…

3 thoughts on “Hub gears and unexpected tyre deflation, a thorny topic.

    • Thanks for the comment,
      Micheal Tippett unknowingly supplied the sound track….
      Hope your motor fit on your Yuba goes well, it works well on the one we have here.

  1. The Yuba motor is up and running. It does work well. We have many hills here, being at the top of a ridge. Every road is either up or down, usually both. Sometimes I wish there was a little more of that Dutch flatness here. Keep up the good work!

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