Local businesses and our bicycles.

Its always good to have a mission, an aim….this is as true in life as it is in business, at Really Useful Bikes our life and our business is intertwined inextricably, It is our aim to find the right bikes for folk, help them to try them out first, make the bikes fit right and basically be the Cilla Black of the bicycle world. Well, surprise surprise, there is one thing better than fixing a happy union between a bike and a person, and that’s fixing up a business and a bike.

We have a few local businesses that we have supplied a pedal powered solution to their logistical problems here are examples of two.

Marks bread in Bristol’s Bedminster, they (Mark Newman) produce Real Bread from Bristol’s smallest independent bakery, I am pleased to say that we supplied a carry freedom trailer that they use to deliver bread on, this trailer gives a good base on which to put containers, cool boxes, dog crates, even bread trays, its a very versatile trailer. It seems to suit him very well.

Big blue bike in Cardiff is a dedicated cycle courier service who are able to take packages that are larger than you might have thought possible. In Ben Allens new very modern bicycle fleet is a workcycles FR8 with a massive frame mounted front rack, a great bike, well balanced even with a heavy weight upfront. Really versatile too, the FR8 can be fitted with rear, small front racks and even be set up to carry three children (not for delivery). Its a great bike designed to be just big enough to be extra useful without being too big.

We support the efforts of local entrepreneurs to build a business that is sustainable and tactile, friendly and local, we aspire to that model ourselves.

If you need matching up with a bicycle for personal or business use, come see us, we might ask you more than three questions, but you might go home with a lovely bicycle that becomes a favourite friend.


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