eBay cliff hanger, a hub gear classic?

If anyone is interested in a bakfiets style bicycle, there is one on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DeFietsfabriek-996-Dutch-Caro-Bike-/110564798139?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Bikes_GL&hash=item19be2ceebb

If you fancy a Bakfiets style bike, this will be a cheap way of getting one, I have not ridden this Defietsfabriek model but am led to believe it’s an ok machine.

I bring this ebay sale to your attention for two reasons, firstly to help the less cash rich folk have the opportunity to have a great practical bicycle, it’s a little bit less than the £1440 that I would charge you for owning the wonderful gazelle cabby from new.

The second reason is that they mention hills and the inability for the bike and its rider to cope with those hills…..

my friends, blog readers and owners of young children every where…you can tune a hub geared bike to go up hills, steep ones, for 30 pounds I can get you twiddling up the steepest hill fully loaded…..well perhaps I over state the case…..but in my experience all dutch hub geared bikes come to the UK geared for Holland, that shouldn’t be a surprise… this means that some…not all,  dutch bicycles need a bit of fettling to suit the bike to its rider, and the bike and its rider to the terrain they will be tackling….its not expensive, its not difficult….if anything its fun to fettle, you can change cogs yourself, it will help you get to know your bike…you can do it here at Really Useful Bikes if you want, we can work with you and help you do it….….

I have messaged the seller to inform them they have these gearing options, so if you want a bargain bakfiets, you had better get in quick….


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