The Mr Berridge cycle challenge

As part of the Bristol cycle Festival taking place this month and beyond, Stefan Hinches organised a recreation of an event in 1907 when a chap by the name of Mr Berridge  cycled 16 1/2 miles in under 1 1/2 hours whilst carrying a load of 150lbs, the only difference this time is riders delivered barrels of Cider along the cycle path from Bath to the Full Moon pub in Bristol.

As is befitting of Bristol there were many home grown contraptions there, all doing the job, some more elaborately than others. I almost felt we were out of keeping with two of the only three production machines there, a pashley post bike also took its fair share of cider back into Bristol.

Here’s our video of the event….The barrels were full and probably equivalent in weight of 2 kids…we think the weight of the barrels were about 45- 50 kilos…

front loading cargo bikes are here for you to try out with your family or dogs, tests with barrels of cider also welcome.

01454 319960

2 thoughts on “The Mr Berridge cycle challenge

    • I hae to confess a little cider was imbided….not too much we had to get home…..Bristol has some cracking Ciders….and yes…it was a hoot…the bristol bath cycle path is a great day out..

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