Sex, riding with Comfort in mind!

I love riding a bike, I loved reading Alex Comforts ‘the joy of sex’ as an adolescent boy, but which one is best….
Well, let’s not fight about it in the style of a Harry Hill interlude, we don’t need to; they have been combined in poster form,

Although the poster assumes that one is riding a bicycle that does not have a chain case, dynamo lights as standard, weather protection in the form of mudguards, coat guards and that you will be riding on a car dominated road (why else wear a helmet?),  i definitely like its positive message.

First reason, well, the clothing shown worn in the poster is verging on the cycle chic, it’s certainly instructing folk in the right way to dress for a ride, i.e. comfortably, and is that a fluorescent vest the young lady is removing?, I’m definitely in favour of that.

The Sniffing of vulcanizing solution, this is the first time I have seen the dirty habit drawn in public…a ‘trainspotting’ moment perhaps. It might help me feel a little freer to talk about my fetish for puncture repair,  perhaps i will be happier whipping out my Kit, rubbering up and chalking down now its out in the open.… .(although schwalbe and his marathon plus reduces the opportunity these days…).

I just thought I would share this little cycle related art work with you in light of a slow news week. The poster will be available in the near future from

here some words from the artist on the posters conception.

P.S  new R.U.B website is live, shop contents are being uploaded day by day, bike information slowly being added. If you are anywhere near Chipping Sodbury nr Bristol, pop in and avoid the cyberweb, another way to make a conection with us is at St Nicholas’s market in Bristol, we will be there each Monday from 29th November. If you see me, please say hello…i’ll remind you again we are going to be there, before it happens.

Happy riding.


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