stability in snow and ice on two wheels,

It’s icy on the roads and paths for sure, i’ve met one or two of you that have suffered injury with ice related crashes. Whilst you can change tyres over the winter months for something with more grip, something like the Schwalbe Snow Stud tyre, with studs on the side of the tyre and smooth on the raised centre ridge, properly inflated it rolls like normal, with lower pressures it gives great grip…but you can also change your bike to both aid your stability and your luggage capacity.  Yep, the xtracycle extends your wheelbase and provides you with a definite advantage in the winter months. With more time to respond to slips and slides i feel it’s a definite improvement to safely.
We stock all the available bits and bobs for the Xtracycle and full kits. we love it here, use it daily, we can colour match the frames too. we love the xtracycle. It’s an all year around winner.
The Xtracycle kit at £399 contains all you need to convert a vertical dropout bicycle. bags. frame, deck, cables, sidestand stickers…its all there…. If you have a doubt about whether it will fit, bring your bike to the dairy, we can check with you. We can even help you fit your xtracycle to your bicycle in our workshop and make sure it fits correctly. It’s an easy fit, a great product for your daily ride.

We also have a demo bike too…so come and test ride something that will help you ride your bike all year around.

Really Useful Bikes.
01454 319960

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