Workcycles FR8 on Brooks website shocker..

Well i never! you could have knocked me over with a carbon road frame….. , there was i, browsing the web in a business like manner (no mucky stuff) , listening to a bit of Wynton Marsarlis from the command pod’s boom box , the brady bunch of  dogs happily snoozing at my feet, when i came across this on a website for Brooks, the venerable English saddle makers and purveyor of stylish but expensive luggage. You could argue that the pics is a bit old but it does give me a opportunity to once again bring up the wonderful workcycles FR8 in this blog.

As Really Useful Bikes is the only stockist in the UK to actually hold stock of the very capable and adaptable FR8, we like to remind you all of its comfort and build quality. We could also mention the fact that it can carry three children in safety, a heavy load in style, or just you and the sunday paper in pleasurable luxury.
For these reasons we love and stock the workcycles FR8. You don’t have to smother it in Brooks luggage, but we would love you to love one as your own.

The workcycles FR8 (pronounced Freight) available for sale and test ride from Really Useful Bikes nr Bristol. 01454 319960

workcycles fr8 cross frame


two of the five sleeping as one

two of the five snoozing

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