Xtracycle, a bike for all seasons, for many reasons.

You’ve found Xtracycle cargo bicycles, which is really the same thing as Xtra-cycle, Xtra Cycle, Extra-cycle or Extracycle but different. Xtracycle’s LongTail innovation is a hitchless trailer that evolves the bike rack, bike bag (or pannier or basket), bike trailer, passenger seat, and baby seat into one cargo bike or sport utility bicycle system. With a long wheelbase, balanced center of gravity, and versatile carrying capacity, your Xtracycle LongTail may open the door to car-free or car-lite transportation in your life. Load your LongTail with precious cargo: a week’s worth of groceries, or a picnic in your FreeLoader; your children, friends or lovers on the SnapDeck. A WideLoader and LongLoader enable you to carry, yep you guessed it, wide and long loads like surfboards, ladders, instruments or equipment. Be a daily bike commuter. Go out for a ride and end up at work. Be a weekend bicycle tourist. Re-imagine eco tourism: from a simple daytrip to an epic adventure. Travel the globe with the function of a Sport Utility Bike and explore trails, beaches, markets, neighborhoods, and parks. Ride to love. Ride to smile. Ride to feel sexy and healthy and to have fun. Welcome to a life of vitality, simple joys and a brilliant future.

taken from xtracycles own website http://www.xtracycle.com/ lots of products there that may one day be available here.  keep looking at out xtracycle pages and our online shop section for more details.

don’t forget, we can help you fit your extracycle here free of charge when bought from R.U.B.

free advice on donor bikes too….

why not have your xtracycle parts powder coated from £30 when bought from R.U.B.

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