Modern dynamo lights for bicycles.

Good lights for bicycles are a must, especially in winter…in cities they are mainly to be seen, in the country where there maybe no street lights you need both illumination of the road and to be very visible to other road users..

I am very keen on Dynamo lights, they are simple, relatively inexpensive once the dynamo is installed and unlike battery lights are quite hard to steal because they are fixed to the bike.

These days you can get front and rear lights that stay on even when you are stopped…most stay on for 3 minutes (this is called the standlight feature), so the old notion that they go off when you stop is no longer valid.

Dynamo lights look stylish and can give illumination like you would not believe, different lights have different characteristics, some a sharp beam, some a beam with some light to illuminate the hedgerow too.
Power of the lights varies too, generally 13lux, 25lux, 40 then 60lux, a mate saw me riding in daylight the other day and commented afterwards that when he saw me and the light (i always keep my lights on in daytime) that he thought i was riding a motorbike…the beam really is that good. I was riding the bike in the video below.

Everyone should think about investing in dynamo lights, bottle or hub powered, these dynamo lights in conjunction with the smaller flashing led lights form a very useful and safe combination for all year round riding.

Happy riding!

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