The UK Handmade and Boutique Bicycle Show 2011

Have you heard ? about the  UK Handmade and Boutique Bicycle Show in 2011 being held at the paintworks in Bristol.

The show is the first of its kind and is a non profit making ‘festival’ of independant bicycle fabricators and thinkers from around the country. It’s going to be held on 10th-12th of June at the Paintworks, a creative area in Bristol. It deserves to be a great event. We hope to be there in some fashion…this event is not sun by a corporate giant but by oned man and his dodgy heel (he recently broke it badly) so this event will live or die, not just by his efforts but by the support and contributions of our good selves. It will only be as good as we make it, so

if anyone has questions, support, donations or wants to exhibit please contact Phil Taylor on 07984717442 or

Please support this event, i think it will be a great celebration of independant cycle craftsman and cycle lovers. So check out the the website


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