Riding a bicycle everyday is International..

I read a lot of blogs, i am listing my favorite and most useful blogs on the blog page of the www.reallyusefulbikes.co.uk website.

The blogs that can invoke most feeling and do more for cycle advocacy are the blogs that document ordinary lives and demonstrate how those lives are positively affected by the bicycle.  These blogs and pictures are a great demonstration to those looking from the outside into the (often confused) worlds of the bicycle user that the bicycle is truly the greatest invention on this earth, an invention overlooked and perception often distorted by those that claim  to love and promote it. These everyday bicycle blogs show how we already have a huge chunk of the solution to our local transport woes, how some battle daily in a beautiful happy practical way  against the planners and automotive masses to live their lives healthily and locally in the most obvious way possible..

Adrianna lives in San Francisco and documents her life…her life is a normal one by most standards,  she has a husband and 2 kids but what sets her apart is that she records her life in pictures and words in her blog  ‘change your life, ride a bike’

When i say her life is ”normal’,  please bear in mind that Adrienne lives in hilly San Francisco and to my cold damp english bones that elevates the pictures she takes and the life she writes about, to levels of fascination only normally attained by a young lady clutching a fresh box set of  ‘sex in the city’ and a bottle of cava.

The bicycle is what you make it, it can transport you downhill, round a track, across France very quickly in a sporty fashion, but for most of us we need a way of getting about locally, cheaply and in comfort (and with our stuff).

So Adrianne, this is a thanks from me. A thanks for sharing your pictures and sharing your life on a bicycle with me…i hope others take inspiration from your words and pictures too…in the cold frosty UK winter waiting for spring, heaven knows we need it.

So don’t just take my little words from Bristol that the bicycle can change your life, it’s a global thing…Change your life, Ride a bike.

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