BBC Brings Bicycle Bonus Broadcasts bout Bikes

Whilst perusing the BBC iplayer i spotted this Gem,

Martin Ellis presents a history of the bicycle.

Its great stuff,

It follows the trends and fashions of the Bicycle in the UK, From Invention through petrol rationing during WW2 and bicycles coming into there own again to be followed by a golden age of cycling in the 1950’s as the nation emerges from the darkness of war. It takes you right throught towhen the mountain bike arrives from California and coincides with a new fashion for fitness and concerns for the environment.

There are more to come, getting more up todate,  if these programmes were looking into the future i expect they will be recalling the petrol rationing (via price hikes) of the 2010’s, then a golden age of cycling in the 2020’s as the nation emerges from the darkness of the fuel addled transport policies of the last century. things always go full circle… hub gears and real ale…

Another BBC Broadcast for you.

A few years ago, late one night i saw the film ‘the flying scotsman‘, i though it a tad flat as films go…..i had never heard of  Greame Obree before …but since then i have learned more about this interesting chap. Get more from the man himself, talking about his life. broadcast on BBC Scotland soon, and listenable to here…

Life is a journey for sure, his story is an interesting one, i shall look forward to hearing more about  the man that caused the established cycle world to say no to radical progressive innovation in sport cycling.
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