Cycle City report on BBC4 this Monday at 1100.

March 2011 is the cut-off date for Bristol to turn itself into a Cycling demonstration City over three years.
Miles Warde, who surveyed the early stages of the project last year, saddles up again to find out where the money has gone, how it’s been accounted, and whether Cycling City has been a success.

BBC Bristol are also having a series of short pieces about cycle city,

next week on Ben Praters show 16.00 – 19.00

Now cycle England has been dismembered in the Bonfire of the quangos..its an interesting time.
Public support is needed for those that are left to continue the work,  obvuiously there will be a reshuffle and a shortfall, Sustrans issued a plea for financial support this week. So its all change around here…..for me it’s about route 15….a safe link into Bristol and Bath for the beleaguered town of Yate.

Anyway, have a listen and keep an eye on things, support where you can.


2 thoughts on “Cycle City report on BBC4 this Monday at 1100.

  1. According to the programme blurb, overall funding was £22.8. If only I’d known, I’d have chipped in 20p to bring them up to a nice round £23.

    • i think the program more than made up the lack of M’s with plenty of hMM’s….i think the jury is out!

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