Friction between Factions, Cycle City and the way forward!

BBC Bristol currently has a phone in program about cycle city, I get a bit wound up when i listen to programs like this. Am i the only one that can see both sides of the argument?. I can see why folk get annoyed with some assertive/aggressive cyclists, i can see why car drivers get annoyed with bicycle users taking up the road and being difficult to get past (adding a few minutes to a journey!).

For the record , this is my opinion,
3 things are required for safe and increased bike usage.
1) destinations with safe secure clearly marked cycle storage.
2) safe (segregated) cycle lanes, even if it’s just a kerb instead of a white line.
3) the right bicycle, one that can carry stuff safely, for urban cycling, one that is comfortable and sit up n beg style. This style of bike its ideal for confident riding with a good pace and good vision.

The cycle industry want to sell sports bike, that’s where the margins are…where the money for the upkeep of workshops is.

I think (we) the cycle lobbyists have to be careful not to lose sight of what it is that they (we) want.
It’s not better facilities for cyclists, its bigger than that, it’s a better way of life for everyone. This is a fight for local not global, a struggle for personal freedoms and the right to travel freely without the aid of a motor car. This is not a time for arguments between factions (inc internal ones) but to campaign for what the cycle city should have been about all along and that is the 3 cycle constants, safe destinations, safe segregated routes and selecting the right bike for the job.

Just as the government is going to dig up areas of outstanding natural beauty to build a new rail link…they should be prepared to fund a proper cycle route system. overhead routes, underpasses, segregated paths…why not…lets all think outside of that box…the metal box we cling to…the car.

Its about facilitation, without facilitating the bike user, taking away threats and discouragements, its not about promotion and perks but a enabling people, mobilising folk, to do more, carry more, get out more.

One thought on “Friction between Factions, Cycle City and the way forward!

  1. Here is my daily plight and something for thoes who claim to see both sides of the argument.

    1)No one is cycling for the mother nature, it is free and saves one lot of time and bucket loads of money especially in city centre area (road tax+ fuel duty+car maintenance+parking charges).A car driver is forced to contribute to economy in more than one unfair way.

    2) As a car driver, what right do i have to inconvenience hundreds of motorists following me for the convenience of a cyclist!!!!I did not ask him to paddle at peak hours

    3) For thoes stupids who think overtaking a cyclist adds a few minutes to one’s journey,it time to think of the other side of the coin whereby hundreds of motorists are driving in lower gear and braking repeatedly (maximum fuel consumption) and as a result switching off their engines later than normal.
    This has added to the pollution not decreased it !!!

    4)Most cyclists never stop at red lights,most never signal when they turn almost none dismounts when the cycle lanes ends and all feel they have a right of the way over everyother road user.

    5) All cycle lanes are cut from the motor roads (sides being painted red does not cost any effort).
    The result of this stupidly crafted cycle lanes is that if i do not assume that at the end of cylcle lane a cyclist would turn onto the non dedicated lane without indicating and turning back to see if this manoeuvre is safe or not i would kill at least 2 cyclists everyday.

    I am sick of cyclists in Bristol, every cyclist who paddles this way should thank a motorist for everyday they come home alive!!!!!

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