Nuvinci hub gears, well no gears actually…infinity and beyond.

These videos have been out for a while, produced by ‘gearfreezone’  his/her moniker alludes to the fact that Nuvinci rear hubs do not actually have any gears at all. the power to the rear wheel and ratios associated are transmitted with fluid and ball bearings. This simple yet ingenious idea is in its second incarnation, the new N360 Nuvinci hub replaces the 171 and has several notable improvements. the shift box is now inboard of the rear stays, it weights less and the hub itself is smaller.  It’s not a particularly light unit but its sensible and a very tough unit. It has 360% gear inches available which compares well with the Alfine/Nexus 8 at 308% and the new Alfine 11 unit at 409%.

Setup of the hub and its changer is simple enough but it is composed of twin cables al la the Rohloff to actuate the shifter mechanism.

Full details of installation and maintenance can be found here

We have built and supplied a few of these wheels, they come with disc/rim or roller brake fitment options and in silver or black.

Our demo Xtracycle has Nuvinci  fitted and it gets used a lot. The velvety smooth gear shift is great to use, no jumps, you can always find the right cadence and with a good spread of ratios it is very instinctive and very quiet.

Ok, back to the videos….yuo can find them all here 

but here’s a couple of the videos to whet your whistle .. ..hub gears can take away the stress of gear changing on a bicycle, the Nuvinci hub is probably the easiest unit to use, even easier than a 3 speed i reckon, and that is saying something!

I hope you enjoyed those…..if you commute to work and wear chains out, wear derailers out, perhaps need to clean you bike a lot because of dust and dirt from a path or just want a more reliable bicycle, hub gears are the closest you will get to maintenance free. they range in price from £40 to £1000, the Nuvinci is about £350.

We can advise you on all aspects of hub gears here, we built and maintain everything from 3 speeds to 14 speeds and would love to demonstrate some different systems to you.

07801 150727

2 thoughts on “Nuvinci hub gears, well no gears actually…infinity and beyond.

  1. Rob sorted me out with a Nuvinci N360 hub laced onto some super fat rims and hookworm tyres – it is the perfect wheel for the Surly Big Dummy he built up. Gearing range is very good and I absolutely love the notch-less shifting – very smooth. For load carrying we went for 32 x 16 (White Industries ENO – very smart, again a Rob special) … this is pretty much bang on for where I live (hilly) and for carrying stuff about on the back. You do need to make sure you get a good level of chain-wrap on the rear sprocket, but this was achieved with a Surly singleator initially and since replaced with a Terracycle big dummy idler – the latter was installed to move the chain away from the xtracycle kickback stand we fitted.

    • Comments like this make me all teary!! …..David knows what he wants, so its was good to build a big dummy for/with him. A few special touches made his bike truely individual and do the job it was intended for with aplomb….thanks for the feedback.

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