Bespoked Bristol

This weekend we will be at the Bespoked , the first handbuilt and boutique Bicycle show show.

Things are abit hectic here, We are contibuting with some english/dutch fusion style ‘sit up and beg’ bikes and the first showing of the second prototype of our cargo bike ‘the Rodford Pelican’.

I have some 2-1 tickets available so make yourself known to me and i can leave them at the door for you.

It should be a good show, some interesting companies exhibiting, a few local ones too. The paper bicycle will be there from our Scottish friend Nick lobnitz creator of the carry freedom trailer and milk bikes have a good philosophy,.

If nothing else the weekend will show us what the UK bicycle culture has to offer. has it got a vigorous pulse or is it needed resusitation?. Can the UK emulate some of the west coast of Americas innovation and small scale craftsmenship.
Hopefully this weekend will be an inspiration to many and it will be back next year bigger and better, So come down to the paintworks in Bristol. Spend the day or the weekend and enjoy all that Brisol has to offer. It the biggest bike ride sunday too…a great celebration of cycling for all…

I hope to see you there.

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