Can ebay be used as a barometer of bicycle regard?

Sporting Goods > Cycling > Bikes 

I have just uploaded a bicycle for sale onto ebay, part of the process is to find a pigeon hole under which to categorise the item. The only category available for a bicycle is ‘sporting goods’. This irks me….the bikes I’m selling is not a ‘sporting good’, it’s a transport solution, a town bike for moving someone and a small amount of stuff about town. This trivial category issue is just the tip of the iceberg, an indicator of what folk generally regard the bicycle as being.

 The bicycle has gone from being a facilitator, a mobiliser, anyone that has seen the classic movie ‘the Bicycle Thieves’ will know that bicycle ownership was the difference between working or being unemployed, food on the table or soup in the poor house.. To categorise such a machine as a ‘sporting good’ is surely to denigrate it to a hobbyists  machine, an article for fun and designate the finest invention of all time as a frippery. 

I hope that one day soon there will come a time, when the designation of the bicycle is back where it belongs. It is only in the last 30 years that the bicycle has become a plaything, a cash cow for makers of fashion bikes and a tech fest for the enthusiast. 

I have emailed ebay about this issue but i suspect that one man cannot make a difference. it will be feet on flat sensible pedals that will move the bicycle away from being a ‘sporting good’ and back towards an economical transport tool. 

So when you next go to sell a bicycle on ebay and the category option is just ‘bicycles’. It will be a sign of change and it will be a definite change for the good.

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