Ebay in ‘bikes only for sport’ update!

My latest ‘feedback from Ebay after submitting Email no3 via  http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/account/suggestions.html 

Hello Rob,

Thank you for writing to us with your suggestion about the categories.

We have forwarded your report to our developer team. Rest assured that
your feedback and comments will be reviewed and examined. If the
community impact is very high, like other features we might even
consider your suggestions. Hence, your feedback is valuable for us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter and taking
the time to send us your thoughts

Kind regards,

Brian Grisham
eBay Customer Support

My Email….

Help > Contact us > Suggestions about categories and item specifics

Message: I suggest that there be a separate section in ?Cars, boats,
vehicles and parts?.. the bicycle is most definitely  a vehicle, the
definition of which is –
A vehicle (from Latin: vehiculum[ is a device that is designed or used
to transport people or cargo. Most often vehicles are manufactured, such
as bicycles, cars, motorcycles, trains, ships, boats, and aircraft.
this is my suggestion, instead of marginalizing the bicycle into
?Sporting? ebay should include the bicycle in the Vehicle category.
The bicycle is a brilliant invention, it can go fast, but for all of
those that want to go fast. there are hundreds of people that need a
machine to move them about locally. If people perceive bicycles as
purely a ?sporting good? they lose sight of its massive potential as
part of their local transport solution.

Ebay can better represent the items that they sell with this change.

i look forward to your next response…

Rob Bushill

I’m not saying that Ebay will change the catagories because of one man. But i think that Ebays catagorisation of the bicycle, brings attention to the fact that  bicycles are not generally regarded as a serious transport tool. Catagorising bikes into ‘sports good’ only serves to perpetuate the myth.

I feel there needs to be a change.

Perhaps a few more emails would help sway their  developer team to have bicycles listed in their vehicle section too.

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