Calling all cargo bike owners.

On the 24th of September, as part of the Bristol Cycle Festival there is to be a cheese and cider run, from Bath to Bristol on the cycle track. It will be the 2nd time its been run and this year i want this to be an excuse for all cargo bike owners to get along and take part. This could be the largest gathering of cargo bikes in the UK.

So all you Harry vs Larry iers, Bakfiets boys (and girls) cabby cruisers, 8freight ers  and xtracycle converts and your homebuilders have a think about a nice ride from Bath to Bristol with lots of cheese and cider.

There is a Bristol style bash in the evening too…called CIDER CYCLE BILLY at the Attic, in the Half Moon pub off stokes croft. (i’ve not got a clue either, it’s bristol so it could be anything but probably jolly good.)

It should be a hoot….
a facebook page is here…befriend it…!/group.php?gid=144614948910496&v=wall
Its a lovely great to see you all….


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