Quality dutch bicycles for the less tall.

Two things about the dutch are undeniably true.

Firstly they are a little on the tall side…..

secondly they treat bicycles as a proper part of life rather than a toy so that their young adults range of bicycles has proper bicycles in.

So this means that tall people can always find a bicycle to fit…70cm frame anyone? but also that if you happen to be a little less tall you can still find a bicycle that has hub gears, hub dynamo, luggage racks and sensible ergonomics. The bikes below all have 26inch wheels which are found on most bikes in the UK (the dutch tend to use a 28inch wheel) and all have 43/44cm frames so will fit a human with a height of  about 4′ 5″ and upwards, the smallest frames size in the Heren and dames Gazelle range is 49cm and suitable for a person 4’9″ to 5’4″  

Four bikes in the Gazelle catalogue look very good options for smaller adults looking for a ride. They are 43/44cm frame sizes and ‘trendy’ accent colours aside they are basically larger adult spec bikes in a smaller size if you get me…quality and equipment is the same.     

 The links for the bikes are below.  prices are from £350, give me a call or drop me a mail if you fancy a test ride.


if you go to http://translate.google.com/# cut and paste the links it will translate them for you…  

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