Cargo Bike Builders of the World Unite!

The Bespoke Bristol show is coming up in 6 months…that’s not long to design and build a bike that’s unique and a great example of your craft…Last year the Rodford Pelican i built and displayed on my stand was not quite finished..the box paint was applied at about midnight the previous evening and the gearing cables fitted a few minutes after the press launch had started….It worked though, looked ok in photo’s and is a great practical everyday bike….It was my feeling that the cargo/utility bike had to be represented at the show even though my frame building craft is not up to the wonderful levels of skill demonstrated by other builders in the show…I just wanted to get people thinking, having the only longwheel base  and the only ladies bike at the show was a job well done i thought…

There is a ground swell of interest and action for bikes that are Really Useful, Copenhaganize and Amsterdamize advocate the practicalities and style of the city bike, Oregon and the west coast of America are also a hotbed of bicycle builders, riders and enthusiasts..  

In Portland this week is an event that embraces utility in Bicycles, fast, comfortable, sexy and useful is the mantra…the Oregon Manifest    is a build show and a race all in one. The designs are varied and the quality sublime. I am privileged to have met and talked with some of the builders, the enthusiasm,  innovation and hands on skill is a pleasure to be around. Check this Flickr set out for an idea of what goes on… 

Oregon Manifest Promo Video from Andy Batt on Vimeo.

Britain needs more manufacturers, we used to build trains, motorbikes, huge planes, and bicycles…The bespoked Bristol show is a great showcase for bicycle builders in the UK, young people (and older uns) handcrafting, bending and brazing…We need to encourage anyone who shows a spark of interest to create their idea, their dream…i have a suspicion that the next decade is going to be an exciting one for UK bike builders, perhaps soon i can call it a UK  industy….I  hope to have a bike or two at Bespoke Bristol in March….slowly developing my craft. I wonder if i will have the only practical cargo bike there?

If i start now the cargo box paint should be dry by showtime.


2011 OREGON MANIFEST LAUNCH PARTY from oregon manifest on Vimeo.


Bespoked Bristol 2011 from D2 productions on Vimeo.

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