Hub gears and hills

Internal hub gears are Brilliant, there i have said it…no shame…i love hub gears…many others do too…most have not tried them…most that have tried hub gears love them … clean, can change gear when stopped, quiet, simple, low maintainence etc …BUT if they have a Dutch bike the gearing might not be everything it can be..Holland is flat and the Dutch bike industry has a huge local customer base so doesn’t worry too much about us in often hilly UK.

So if you find your journey a bit hilly and those hills are a little uncomfortable, perhaps you rarely use your top gear… for about £30 your hills can be made just a bit flatter and your top gear can get a little more use.
I can whip out your back wheel, replace your rear sprocket and bobs your uncle, flatter hills.
Hub gears are great, but make sure you have them tuned right.
Really Useful Bikes can help you with anything to do with your hub gears…we love em.


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